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Extreme experiences

"From early April onwards, I am being treated in a hospital in Amsterdam. By the end of March, I had been caught in a rear-end collision with my car and my knee had got jammed. After about 3 weeks, I started feeling tingling sensations in my upper leg and a lot of pain at the front side of my groin. After seeing 3 orthopedic surgeons and 2 neurologists, there was nothing left for me but to take a lot of heavy painkillers in order to get through the days, weeks and months. Even physiotherapists didn't feel confident treating me further as my ability to walk deteriorated more and more. It didn't matter whether I was lying down, sitting, or standing up. The pain was excruciating and the specialists said they didn't know where the pain was coming from. Just painkillers but no solution.
I was reluctant to go to an appointment with specialist Conger that my sister-in-law José had made for me on Saturday 21 July '07 at 2:00 PM, as I thought he was going to be just another specialist telling me I was a hopeless case, But I went anyway. However, he went over my complaints and treated me for about 10 minutes, and when I got up from the table the pain was gone. Unbelievable, what a miracle! Today, I went for my second treatment and I feel as if I've been cured.
Incredible! For 4 months, I was screaming with pain and now thanks to specialist Conger the pain is completely gone!
specialist Conger, thank you! Super! Good luck.
Best regards, Monique de B.
P.S. I even gave the surgeon a leaflet

Dear specialist Conger
In 2003, I was diagnosed with a hernia. I have had many treatments in Belgium as in Veldhoven (MMC medical centre) they tell me to have surgery. In Belgium, I received a lot of injections in my back (pain management). That took the pain away for a short while. But months later, it returned. On Dec. 8, 2005 I had surgery in Belgium. They removed the hernia between L4 and L5 and fixated these. The radiating pain to my leg had gone, which was a good sign, but the pain in my back remained. So, I went back to the physiotherapist. That didn't help either. We then read about specialist Conger. I have now had 3 treatments and the pain is almost gone.
I thank you for that. Cor B.

Today, 27 July 2006, I was scheduled to have an arthrosis operation on my left shoulder. specialist Conger treated my shoulders twice and I could cancel the operation. For the first time in my life, my back problems (due to Scheuermann's disease) are being treated competently.
I am a happier man than ever before. I had great confidence in this expert.
Thank you specialist Conger, Martin V.

To specialist Conger
In 1989, I got caught in a sideways collision and within a year, I had a frontal collision. Consequence: whiplash. I had physiotherapy for 14 years with varying results. However, I managed to live with my whiplash. Until up to 3 years ago. After a stressful period at work (primary education), it all went horribly wrong - terrible headaches. Nearly every week, I suffered migraine, pain in between the shoulder blades, pain in my neck and knees, ringing ears, dizziness, and that's just a few of my complaints. (Sometimes I could hardly speak for the pain in my neck, or I was on my bike, sick with pain). After months of staying at home, craniosacral therapy, a program at a rehabilitation centre and more physiotherapy, I had indeed learned to listen to my body much better, but I still had so much pain that I could only do tasks for 3 hours a day and had to spend the rest of the day on the sofa.
Up to the moment where I saw an article about specialist Conger in the Volkskrant newspaper! Now, after about 8 treatments, of all my complaints, only 2 remain! Incredible! I know my life would look a whole lot different if it wasn't for specialist Congers treatments, vision and advice. There are even moments that I'm completely pain free.
Not only has my life improved dramatically (socially and emotionally), further problems have been prevented as well (e.g. the pain in my knees due to early arthrosis as a result of my lopsidedness has decreased instead of increased). So, full marks for specialist Conger! And to anyone who reads this: send everyone with (serious) neck of back pain to specialist Conger!
Adrie B., van der P

Dear specialist Conger
After 4 or 5 treatments, I am convinced that you know all about this. It has worked wonderfully for me. Best regards, Mr. K.

Suffered backache for years. Received therapy almost all that time. It only helped for a while. After seeing specialist Conger 6 times, I am cured. I had bad posture because my pelvic tilt amounted to 8 cm. Already after the 2nd treatment I was standing straight. I never want another therapy again! Fantastic, he is great!
Thank you, specialist Conger. I hope you stay in the Netherlands.
Elly De W.

I have been a back pain patient for 8.5 years, despite being only 29 years old. I was examined in 3 hospitals, but they told me there was nothing that could be done. Just therapy. Of course, I acted on the advice these "specialists" gave me. Alas, to no avail. In the meantime, I changed work because of these complaints and had to take sick leave a number of times when I heard about specialist Conger. He demonstrated a 10 cm difference in my hips.
After 3 treatments, almost all of that difference had been taken away. (Remaining difference was only 1 - 2 centimeters). With 8 week intervals, I am pain free very often. I feel 29 again! And I know that everything is going to be all right!
Thank you for your expertise!

Dear specialist Conger,
I would like you to know how much I admire you as a specialist and as a person.
Looking back on my life and comparing the physicians, specialists and therapists I have met over the years, I can see that a lot is wrong in regular health care and that it is time that natural medicine starts reaching all people. It is time to separate the men from the boys and for regular and natural medicine to go hand in hand.
This would prevent so much pain and grief. About 4 years ago, I suddenly experienced a heavy pain in my right foot. The pain was unbearable. At first, one thinks 'it will pass', but unfortunately it didn't. You are being sent from pillar to post. I'll spare you the details. Nothing helped, until I came to you (in a most remarkable way). After the first treatment, the pain in my foot was gone. I didn't know what came over me when I woke up the next morning and was able to put my foot flat on the floor.
For quite a while I walked around in the house in sheer amazement that I was able to walk again. Tears were running down my face. As I write this, I have had 4 treatments in your practice. My body has been corrected but still needs to get used to the new situation. I have never felt that pain in my foot again, although it still feels sore because the muscles had been stretched. I am very, very grateful that I have been cured in this natural way. That I was able to keep my foot as it is and that I don't have to have the nerve removed by injection.
The function of my left foot was restricted after a medical failure in 1990. That was where it all started. Thanks to your great knowledge and wisdom in chiropractics, specialist Conger (which nobody can take from you!) I have been freed of this horrible pain. I am so grateful and I hope you will cure many more people. When I see the enthusiasm, the passion and love you put into your work, I see an extraordinary and special PERSON. I wish you all the best and send you my best regards, in love,
Tonny L.
27 July 2007

Dear specialist Conger,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank specialist Conger for the great result and the pleasant approach.
I have been trying to get rid of my backache and lopsidedness for a year. I did my back in every 4 weeks after which I needed weeks to recover.
I started seeing a physiotherapist, an osteopath and a chiropractor. My GP referred me to a rehab centre. At the rehab centre, I was treated by a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist, a social worker and a psychologist. They told me I would probably still do my back in regularly and that I would have to learn to accept the pain and lopsidedness of my back. When an acquaintance drew my attention to specialist Congers website, I immediately felt he might be able to help. But would it really be the right treatment? After 1 treatment, the lopsidedness had already improved. Now, after 7 treatments by Hr Conger, I walk upright and the back pain is almost gone. I can enjoy day-to-day life again. If people should ask how I overcame my back pain, I will certainly refer them to you. Also, I will get in touch with magazines to recommend your treatment. Thank you very much again.
Best regards, Jeanne van T.

Early last year, I started developing shoulder problems. I saw my GP and he diagnosed me with bursitis. After the medicines, which did not help, I received 2 injections in my shoulder. However, that didn't help either so I was referred to a specialist in the hospital. Again I received injections on 2 occasions without obtaining any relief. It was decided I was to have surgery. At that very moment (just in time) an acquaintance told me about specialist Congers practice. I visited him, he examined me and told me I didn't suffer from bursitis but that it was a postural deviation of the pelvis. After 8 or 9 treatments I had fully recovered. Now, a year on, I still don't have any complaints.
specialist Conger, thank you, and I am sure that you will be able to help a lot more people.
Regards, Tonnie

Best, 10 November 2007

Dear specialist Conger,

As a professional baseball player for Cincinnati Reds in the USA and member of the Dutch Olympic baseball team, I suffered a lot of pain as a result of an ankle injury last season. Although I have been treated by various physiotherapists, the problem has never really been solved and I continued to be troubled by it during exercising. You were recommended by a number of people and after 3 treatments I can safely say my ankle is functioning as it did before and I am able to train and play again for 100% . I am truly grateful for that and I wanted to let you know.
With best regards: Alesander S
Cincinnati Reds pitcher

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Watch the original stories with the photos

Patient stories

Thank you!
For taking away the pain in my back.
1st place open European championship in Belgium.
Las Vegas here I come!
Best regards, Amber G.

Dear Ronald,
It's great you're back.
We considered going to your practice in Ireland, but we no longer need to now.
After giving birth I suffered a lot of pain radiating out to my leg. After many doubts I visited one of your colleagues but he couldn't take away the pain - it only got worse. I had my treatment just now and already I feel an improvement and less pain.
I am absolutely sure YOU ARE THE BEST!!

Nelleke van de V
PS Dino agrees!

-Dear specialist Conger, during 8 months I visited 4 different chiropractors and none of them could help. Now, after 4 visits, I have improved so much that I feel as if I have been cured. Thank you so much for that!

Dear Ron!
You as a specialist are like a brilliant diamond adding a shine to many peoples lives.

Dear mister Conger,
My mother suffered a lot of backache. After falling from the stairs and a knee replacement she also started stooping a bit.
After a few treatments she walks better, straighter and her pain keeps getting less and less!

Mrs B.

I would like to congratulate specialist Conger with this.
If there's anyone who is knowledgeable about the treatment of lower back pain and hip complaints, it's him.
Now I can move on again. I am a great soccer fan and would like to continue playing for many years to come.
After 4 treatments I am ready to play again.
Thanks a lot and good luck.
Wim v.d. L., Best Vooruit

Dear Ronald,
Thanks you for  the fast and good treatments.
After only 2 visits I feel perfect again.
Previously had 30 treatments from your colleagues, but to no avail.
Wim W.

-Last month, I could hardly put on my socks despite 10 chiropractic visits for my lower back in Weert.
Now, after 4 treatments from specialist Conger, I am almost pain free.
And my knee complaints have almost disappeared as well.
specialist Conger, I sincerely want to thank you for your knowledge, wisdom and pleasant reception. I need to persevere just a little be more and do my exercises. I am confident it will work!
Best regards, Wenda (age 35)

Wishing you a happy Christmas and all the best for you!
and ..... I have never had such a wonderful chiropractor!!!
Thank you for all you have done.
Regards, Titia de H.-K.

I am happy I got to know Ron. I have a health centre in Holland myself. For years, I have been referring my clients to Ron for their back pain, whenever I see something is wrong with their spinal column or the spinal column is crooked.
Ron has also treated me so I know that he is an expert who knows what he's doing. He's just a top specialist! Ron, thanks so much for helping me and I hope I can continue to refer clients to you for a long time.
Thank you very, very much!
Piet van L.

Neck complaints (whiplash)
I got neck complaints in a swimming pool because another guy was showing off. I stood there talking with my back against this person. For no reason at all, he jumped on my back and grabbed me by the head with the intention of pushing me under water. Because of my reaction to this unexpected attack, I resisted stubbornly. And it's because of my resistance and his rather bulky and heavy body I got injured. This misery started in February 1987. I will give a short description of what I have done to get rid of it:
After it first happened, I was on sick leave for 14 days. There was no improvement. My GP then referred me to a physiotherapist. In about a year, I had 2 courses of 8 treatments. Then I tried manual therapy. Then acupuncture, two complete courses of 8 treatments (partially paid by myself). Various injections in the back of my head at the sore spot (GP). All kinds of pain relief tablets, capsules and everything else that could have some sort of soothing effect. X-rays taken: nothing found. Various osteopathic treatments, about twelve, paid for by myself. Bought a neck brace, paid for by myself. Didn't wear it an awful lot as it was advised against. Visited a specialist (?) in Geldrop six times. He was working with his thumb and some sort of a rubber cap? (Unbelievable I actually bought that.) Paid for by myself. Then I read something about self-hypnosis to fight the pain; I went four times but it wasn't possible to get hypnotized. Paid for by myself. Furthermore, I tried all sorts of alternative medicine to no avail, only my wallet got more and more empty. I then went to see my GP for a referral to an orthopedic surgeon. He thought it might be a neck hernia and had an MRI-scan made. From the scan it became obvious that there is some play between the sixth and seventh vertebrae in my neck. A specialist referred me to the Radboud university hospital in Nijmegen. I saw a specialist there. The story was basically the same as the orthopedic surgeons told me. Nothing was done. I then asked for a referral for pain management in Geldrop. This specialist works with injections in the locations to be treated. This has definitely made a difference. Now, however, I feel the pain is located too high in my head and I fear an injection may be dangerous. So, back to the orthopedic surgeon. This time, I had a bone scan. But again to no avail. The orthopedic surgeon wrote a letter to the neurologist. So we wait and see. I requested a meeting with our occupational Health and Safety Executive to see if he had some sort of advice. Result: the man said 'just learn to live with it and stop whining as there is nothing that can be done about it after all these years'. Unfortunately, the neurologist couldn't help; he recommends Cesar therapy. This therapy involves doing exercises at home and NOT STOPPING my workouts (fitness training), which I've been doing for a long time.
Went to see the chiropractor on Saturday. Had my first treatment - a strange yet good feeling. It's incredible, but it is quite inexplicable what I am experiencing here after SIX treatments. I have this clear feeling that 80% of my pain is gone. Of course, it will stay a weak spot for a while as it will need time to fully heal. That is why I will continue to see specialist Conger a couple of times a year for maintenance care. That is, to straighten out all the joints. I want to emphasize here that this is not some publicity stunt but a hard fact!!!
I sincerely want to thank Ronald E Conger D.C. that I am able to carry on with my life.
John van der M.

Thanks to Ron I am now fit again after a long history of illness. Are you suffering complex complaints? Then the answer may lie in the iliopsoas.
It worked for me and I am very glad I took the decision to get treated by Ron. I advise everyone to read the leaflet. If it all sounds familiar, I would recommend making an appointment with Ron.
Gert S.

Dear specialist Conger,
After years of backache, fatigue and stooping, I am now fit and healthy and I walk nice and straight again!
It's fantastic to experience everything that happens to you then! I enjoyed enormous benefits from it, and I still do!
Thank you so much specialist Conger and assistant Ellen. Compliments to you both!
With thanks and best regards:
Sylva V.

Dear specialist R. Conger,
I suffered pain in my back and hips for many years! After three treatments from specialist Conger I have more or less recovered! I can move about again and don't feel any pain.
Let's hope it stays that way!
Thank you for your treatment and till next time!
Mrs. C.v/d H.

Dear specialist Conger,
My mother has just about visited all specialists but obtained hardly any relief.
You have proven to be a miracle so far! She walked in here, stooping, and now, after 5 treatments, she is so much better already. My compliments for that!
Marianne A.

Dear specialist Conger,
Thanks so much for everything. Without you, I would have needed surgery.

Miranda v/d W.

Dear Ron
After 22 years, I can now finally buy the shoes I like and that's such a relief.

Thank you, Anja R.

I was carried in by my friend as I couldn't walk anymore and was then treated by Ron.
It is such a miracle that after 1 treatment I feel better than ever. I can walk again and I don't feel any pain!
My appreciation and great compliments to Ron.
Eric P.

I am overjoyed that Ron is back. He can keep me from medication! I now go through life virtually pain free. No one else is able to do that.
Please stay in the Netherlands!

Dear specialist Conger,
I would like to express my thanks for the treatments for my back. What you have achieved in a short time, no one has been able to do for me in a long time. That is why I want to send you a very big Thanks. I am more or less pain free and walk reasonably well.
Our sincere thanks, Fam v/d M.

Dear Ron,
After 2 years of suffering pain and seeing all possible specialists, neurologists and physiotherapists, I had absolutely no hope left. As I could no longer walk (10 to 20 very painful meters), friends referred me to you and after 4 treatments I am able to walk again.
Thanks a thousand times for that!! There is still so much I want to do in life and enjoy my children and grandchildren. Now I can move on again. I am 60 years old but I feel like 40!

Peter M.

specialist Conger,
Your treatments work miracles!!! The more, the better.

Dear specialist Conger,
After 4 or 5 treatments, I am convinced that you know all about this.
It has worked wonderfully for me.
Regards, DHR K. (rally racing champion Netherlands)

Enjoyable, meaningful and very well treated by Marijke and Ron.
Thanks and see you soon.

I suffered backache for 20 years. After 2 treatments, I am no longer in pain and I can sleep soundly again. I have great confidence in this approach.
With best regards, H.J. C.

Dear specialist Conger!
After seeing almost all chiropractors in the Netherlands and Belgium, I came to see you by chance! I considered coming to Ireland, but in the very last moment I didn't need to. At present, for the first time in my life I am free of any complaints!!! FANTASTIC!!! But then again you are a very sympathetic person, that makes a difference too! You are, of course, the best. In any case, you could certainly become that.
Thanks very much and till next time. Patient wishes to stay anonymous, a loyal fan!!!

specialist Conger,
I suffered from rheumatism since I was 10 years old. And lower back pain since my 30's.
Tried virtually everything, to no avail. And yes, specialist Conger diagnosed me with arthrosis and has prescribed a course of glucosamine. Since 5 days, I have had hardly any complaints (slept well, got up without pain). I feel like I've been reborn! specialist are like a precious pearl. Thank you... Süleyman Y.

Dear mister Conger, and all sweet people that will read this letter.
I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that miracles still happen. Four years ago , I was suddenly confronted with severe pains in my foot. I have visited many specialists ever since. But nothing helped. I lived on painkillers. The only option left to me was to visit the pain clinic to have the nerve injected. By coincidence, (there's no such thing as coincidence, things 'coincide', more like) an acquaintance helped me get in touch with a chiropractor in Germany. My acquaintance asked me to drive her there as her driver was taken ill. He had had a nerve removed by injection. Everything had gone wrong and he was in so much pain he was unable to drive. The specialist in Germany immediately saw something was wrong. Even though I came to accompany my acquaintance, he took the time to listen top my story. He advised me to go and see a chiropractor immediately. That very night, I was sitting on the sofa and didn't feel any pain in my foot at all. It was a sign of heaven to know what I had to do. Quite a few years ago, my sister had given me a newspaper article about specialist Conger. At the time, I didn't have a clue as to what to do with it, but my guardian angel was looking ahead. I have always kept the article. To me, it was clear immediately I had to see specialist Conger.
After the first treatment, the pain in my foot was gone. And for the first time, I knew what was really going on. My foot still felt a bit sore, but that was because the muscles had been stretched. Pain is a totally different sensation.
The enormous wisdom and knowledge of natural medicine, chiropractic and the universal love specialist Conger emanates, makes him what he is. He gives me confidence my healing me with his (golden) hands. I am grateful our paths have crossed!
A very big Thank you. Thank you for all the good you do. May GOD bless you, specialist Conger.
Tonny L.,

Extreme experiences: