An effective treatment helps you to move on
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Facts presented by our specialists

  1. It is impossible to solve physical, mechanical issues (malfunctioning parts of the body) with chemical substances; in any case, don't expect a lasting result.
  2. The longer you wait to get treatment, the more severe a problem becomes. Your body starts compensating in an adverse way and you will develop arthrosis.
  3. To the Conger Muscle, the muscle controlling ones posture, there is no difference between sitting long hours and bending over.
  4. First try a non-surgical procedure to treat the cause and then an operation to take away the effect of the cause.
  5. What we see on an MRI scan or X-ray may not always be the real cause of the problem; quite often it is a consequence of the real problem. How many times do people who have had hernia surgery complain that they need to undergo more hernia, knee or hip surgery? That's because the real cause has never been remedied.
  6. What kind of muscles do you need in order to be pain free? Click here. click here

As specialists we prefer to see 100 new patients once
rather than one patient 100 times!!!
And that's the guiding principle of this practice!