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Your muscles

The key to being pain free is not having strong muscles but having supple muscles.

Through the treatments of patients (such as the worlds' strongest man and top body-builders), the specialists found out that these top athletes suffer similar (or even worse) pain patterns as regular patients. Even if their muscles are incredibly strong. The question that comes up in this context is therefore: how can strengthening the muscles help you ease the pain when a body-builder, who has strengthened the right muscles, still experiences the same pain patterns as a regular (back) patient, whose muscles have not been trained?

Another point of interest is that there is one group that is almost always pain free: children! And that's not because they have such strong muscles, they still have very supple muscles.

Which brings us to the specialist's goal:

Wrking towards supple muscles and joints that can withstand the stressful life we face day after day!