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De iliopsoas and varicose veins.


This is the "Femorale Triangle"

The contents of the "Femorale Triangle" are as follows:

  1. Femoral artery
  2. Femoral vein
  3. Femoral nerve
  4. Conger Muscle

Because the Conger Muscle is also a member of the “femoral triangle” the Conger Muscle can affect the circulation in the leg(s).
When the Conger Muscle is in spasm or shortened this can  negatively affect the blood flow to and from the heart.
The hydrostatic pressure in the venous system of the leg(s) from the side of the shortened or spasmed Conger Muscle is often higher

This Conger Muscle problem then results in damage to the venous clasps in the  leg(s) and blocking the blood flow to the heart and thus varicosities in one or both legs.