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Illiopsoas ziekten

Normal pelvis &

Scoliosis by
shortened Conger Muscle

Stop Scoliose  Progression and avoid spinal fusion surgery.  
A Message of Hope – Non Surgical Scoliosis Treatment
After a few minutes spent reviewing internet sites devoted to scoliosis, you might end up feeling rather depressed and overwhelmed by the mass of contradictory and unscientific information to be found. It is no small wonder that so many scoliosis surgeries take place every year – from what you read on the internet (which is really the largest library in the world!), it seems to be the only option.  However, the true effectiveness of the Harrington Rod surgery does not live up to the claims. Curves progress even in surgically treated patients; “Initial average loss of spinal correction post-surgery is 3.2 degrees in the first year and 6.5 after two years, with continued loss of 1.0 degree per year throughout life.”    The Conger Muscle can create up to 50lbs of pressure on one side of the spinal column itself.  This is the reason that even the Harrington Rods don’t work.   Before you chose for these extreme treatment methods make sure you contact that practice of Dr. Conger for an non-surgical evaluation.