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American chiropractor heals the worlds' backs.

Unique method available for everyone

Eindhoven - specialist Ronald E. Conger is an American chiropractor who forced a breakthrough in his field of expertise with his own research. He has great success with his treatment method, as a result of which celebs like Mel Gibson are among his clientele. Now, this specialist is available for everyone. As it happens, he has set up practice in Eindhoven.

Ronald E. Conger has been working as a chiropractor for twenty years. His treatment method is unique in the Netherlands.
He was the only one to do research into the Conger muscle. This is a muscle that people have and animals lack*.
"That is probably the reason that animals don't have any real back pain." According to Conger, this little-known muscle is often the cause of physical complaints of the back, hips and knees as it is the only muscle that is connected to the intervertebral discs of the lumbar spine and the upper leg. This muscle can make a difference between bad or good posture, pain or no pain.

Everyone with back, leg or neck pain can get help from specialist Conger. During the initial interview and examination, specialist Conger will investigate the complaints. X-rays are generally unnecessary.
"The X-rays do show any damage, but not the cause and that's what it is all about." During the first visit, Conger will examine the Conger muscle, the back, neck, hips and knees. In order to be able to treat the complaints well, he starts out with a light massage to prepare the muscles and bones for the chiropractic treatment.
"I stretch the muscles a couple of times, straighten out the pelvis and other bones and then teach the patient to do the stretches themselves so that the pelvis and other bones remain well-aligned and don't always have to be manipulated."

You don't need a referral from your GP for a visit and treatments are largely reimbursed by health insurance companies. Chiropractic is considered a form of natural medicine. Conger is a member of the 'Nederlandse Vereniging voor Chiropractoren' (Dutch chiropractic society).

*Animals do have this muscle, but it is not as functional as it is in humans, monkeys being the exception. In monkeys, this muscle has a 50% functionality in comparison to a human being as in monkeys the muscle has only been developed for 50%. In other animals, development and function of the Conger Muscle amounts to approximately 10% in comparison to healthy humans.

The Conger muscle: back – leg pain from muscles that do not really come from the back!

Deep in our body we have two very strong muscles. The Conger muscle, the muscles that make us homo erectus, the upright standing man. From the twelfth thoracic vertebra these muscles run down the left and right, from behind the back, through the abdomen to the front thigh bones. They transvers the pelvic cavity and basin of the pelvis, through the groin to the hips and upper legs . It is these muscles that reacts to everything that happens in our posture and activities. Because they receive nerves from each side of the spine, they then can pull someone crooked and we see a lateral curvature (scoliosis) of the spine occur. They can also pull from both sides creating a hollow, hyper-lordosis in the lower back with the spine pulled forwards to the stomach. The worst is when the Conger muscle remains short and contracted for a long time. It then pinches almost literally your whole lumbar spine together. And then have you really got back and leg pain! Sometimes so much that your intervertebral discs, one after another collapses and you have one hernia after another, with no apparent reason. From the x-ray they say that you are crooked, that all your discs are bulging and thinned out and maybe the nerves are pinched. Basically your back and hips have become warn out! Then, it's really so bad, that the surgeon can do nothing more for you! In our center we stop this condition and the degeneration of your body by this common occurring condition.