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Treatment rates

We find that everyone has the right to be examined by a qualified professional.

Cost per treatment is from 70 euros, - 

Fees for aktive patients (Treated in less then one year):

€ 70,--

Costs for new patients:

Intake talk and examination
(by Dr. Conger himself)
including diagnosis.
€ 145,--

Second or third treatment

€   70,--

Fourth or extra treatments

€   70,--


Prepayment for the first talk, examination, diagnosis and treatment:
From now on we request a bank payment for new patients and already known patients who have not been treated or examined for more than a year.
You can make this payment using the details below, after receiving the payment we will call you to make an appointment for talk, examination, diagnosis and treatment.

Price new patient: € 145
Price for more than 1 year ago not in the practice: € 135

You can transfer your payment to:

Iban: NL19 RABO 0172 0827 57
Attn: Spier en Gewricht Centrum


  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number

Once your payment has been received, we will immediately contact you to schedule the appointment.

Pay attention:

  • As a new patient (or patient that has not been in the practice in the last year), you can only make an appointment through this prepayment method.
  • No refund on cancellation

For the second, third, fourth, etc. visit you can pay at the counter according to our 2020 rates of 70 euros per treatment.


Covered by insurance:

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To avoid being charged for a missed appointment please cancel your appointment (if needed) two days before the scheduled time.

This practice is affiliated with VBAG, SNRC and CCA (Dutch associations for alternative medicine and chiropractic).

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