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How the specialists work

The spinal column protects the spinal cord which, together with the brain, forms the central nervous system. If functional disorders occur within the spinal column and Conger Muscle, defects also develop in the flow of nerve impulses through the spinal cord. By alleviating these functional disorders in the spinal column, nerve impulses can reach their goal unobstructed, as a result of which organs and tissues start functioning properly again.

The specialists specialize in the diagnoses and treatment of deviations of the spinal column, joints and Conger Muscle and any subsequent malfunctions of the nervous system. Muscle-jointology has aspects of both traditional and natural medicine. During examination, diagnosis and treatment, the functioning of the entire body is taken into consideration. This is because the specialist believes that malfunctions in the nervous system prevent the body from keeping itself fit. As a result, the body's resistance decreases and disease has a chance to develop. Malfunctions in the nervous system can arise as a result of pain stimuli, changes in mobility of arms, legs, spinal column, Conger Muscle or for example due to psychological factors.

The specialists work by applying a specific pressure on a special part of the spinal column, i.e. the location of the blockade. In addition, they also treat the Conger Muscle. Most of the time, the specialists perform the correction using their hands on a correction table. The correction causes the compressed joints to part, releasing the pressure on the nerves. This way, the body will be freed from pain, cramps or numbness and the treatment of the Conger Muscle will increase the strength and stability of the spinal column. You may possibly hear a slight cracking sound during the correction. This is a natural course of events as gasses are released by the quick separation of the joints. The specialist therefore aims at normalizing the flow of nerve impulses. There are various techniques the specialist can use for these corrections. He will choose which technique best fits each individual case. After these corrections, the specialist will make sure the Conger Muscle becomes longer.

Duration of the treatment

The first visit starts with a thorough interview in which your complaints will be analyzed. On the basis of this information, the specialist decides what treatment might be suitable for you. Next, the treatment will take place. Depending on the complaints, repeat treatments may be advisable.

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