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Biography of one of our specialists

doktor spiergewrichtologie

R.E. Conger

During high school in New York, the specialist was elected best musician of his year. Because of this talent, he studied at the world famous Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York. By the age of 18, he was a professional musician. Shortly after, he realized that music really wasn't his passion after all. So he decided to study science. In addition, he took up body building.


This sport caused the specialist to develop complaints of his back, legs and shoulders. He consulted various physicians, orthopedic surgeons, osteopaths and therapists but none of them could help him get rid of his complaints. That is why he started to read up on his complaints and little by little he found out what was wrong with him. The specialist decided to take an official degree course that would enable him to cure people with similar and common problems. Due to body building, the specialist had developed the same complaints that a lot of people suffer from as a result of hard work, sitting long hours, bending down, accidents or pregnancy. What's more, his father had been declared unfit to do any physical work at the age of 56. His father had the same complaints he had already developed as a body-builder by the age of 20. But the specialist did not want to be declared unfit to work. He eventually completed his studies and obtained three different degrees. A chiropractic degree, a bachelor degree in human biology and a co-degree in science as well as certificates for radiology and radiographic interpretation. And finally FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE CERTIFICATION:  The search for the actual cause of your problem – pain. For 5 years, specialist Conger studied alongside specialist Jeff Spencer, chiropractor to Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods. Both of them passed with distinction and since both specialists developed the same skills during their joint college years, both attract top athletes, well-known actors and other celebrities. specialist Spencer now specializes in laser therapy and specialist Conger specializes in Conger Muscle treatments. These two colleagues in Eindhoven offer you the same care as they offer well-known names such as Mel Gibson, Lance Armstrong or Tiger Woods. Now, at age 46, he is top player of the basketball team of the town of Best.. The specialist is on this list of players between basketball players with an average age of 20! At 46 years of age, that is a big achievement. Every year, he therefore likes to the Muscle-jointology Trophy to an individual sportsman or sportswoman.

He can do all this because he has solved the problem. As a result of this problem, his father, and nearly he himself too, were unable to work or enjoy recreational sports. For years, his father suffered back pain. The specialist decided not to suffer but to beat the disease. And very successful he was too! And that is why now, he wishes to help you to get well, just like Mel Gibson. (read V.I.P experiences)

It is unique that our specialists have only one goal in mind:
helping you overcome the pain!

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