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The Conger Muscle

The Conger Muscle is one of the most important muscles for the movement of the body. Unfortunately, it is hardly ever considered to be a source of pain. Still, it can be linked to lower backache and pain in the hips and legs. Either as isolated cases or combined. If standard treatments don't bring about any improvements or even extend complaints to e.g. the chest, there is a decent chance that the Conger Muscle is the root cause of the problem.

It is one of the most important muscles attached to the vertebrae. Once this collaborative muscle tenses up, various problems arise in the back. The complaints are difficult to indicate as muscles surrounding Conger Muscle try to compensate this cramp. Typical complaints are:

Pain in the lower back that may radiate to the middle back and/or the front of the stomach/chest area. Sometimes the pain is aggravated as a result of getting up from a sitting position. Standing up, walking and lying down can all be difficult. Pelvic and stomach problems can also occur. Sitting down often alleviates the pain. However, extending the leg whilst driving a car will aggravate the complaints.

Fortunately, with a number of standard tests it is easy to identify if there is a problem with the Conger Muscle. One of the most important ones is the postural deviation of the pelvis (see above figure). Want to know more? Download our leaflet on the Conger Muscle here.


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We often see this complaint in our practices.
With the right treatment and some simple exercises
this condition is well treatable.